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Not having a DUI attorney on your side promises to prove much more costly than the cost of securing representation

Our Apache Junction DUI attorneys know full well the consequences for an Arizona driver convicted of DUI in Arizona. The laws pertaining to driving while intoxicated in Arizona are as tough as any in the nation, and attempting to defend yourself without the help of a qualified DUI lawyer is simply a fools errand. The Law Office of Craig W. Penrod, P.C. is a proven DUI law firm, and is home to some of the finest DUI lawyers and criminal attorneys in the state. There are many technicalities in Arizona law that you can't be expected to know. Our DWI attorneys are well-versed on all of them, and will help you craft a criminal defense against the drunk driving charges you face.

Schedule your free initial consultation with our DUI/criminal lawyers at your convenience. The charges against you may seem overwhelming, and you may feel upset, frightened and ashamed. The truth is that you are human and we all make mistakes. You still have rights, and they deserve to be protected. We'd like to help.

Trust your case to the Apache Junction DUI lawyers of The Law Office of Craig W. Penrod, P.C. We offer a proven record of results, and our DUI lawyers and criminal attorneys will work relentlessly on your behalf.

  • Certified Criminal Law Specialists
  • We devote the majority of our practice to DUI and vehicular crimes
  • We are experts in challenging blood tests
  • We employ a “team concept” that allows each case to be reviewed by each attorney as well as the “team”
  • Individual plan developed for each client

The sooner you seek legal counsel the better chance you'll have of minimizing the damage surrounding your DUI. This is not to say that you'll be able to beat your charges and won't be penalized, and any criminal lawyer who guarantees you that is not to be trusted. What we can say without hesitation is that you have a far better chance of achieving a more positive outcome with proper representation on your side.

Reach out to our Apache Junction criminal attorneys today. We strive to make our services affordable and accessible, and going it alone in your DUI defense is a strategy that is certain to prove much more costly. You may reach The Law Office of Craig W. Penrod, P.C. at (480) 753-5888. Let us help you to get through this trying time by providing the representation you deserve.

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You can depend on our Arizona DUI attorneys and Arizona criminal lawyers if you’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated and/or need a criminal defense. DWI attorneys offer essential legal representation and protect your rights. Make sure you have an Arizona DUI lawyer or Arizona criminal attorney protecting your interests.

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