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There are myths and urban legends regarding drinking and beating a charge of driving under the influence (DUI). It's important that you not believe everything that you read or are told.

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We have all seen movies where a person is thrown into a shower as a method to sober them up. The shower is usually followed by a hot cup of coffee. Despite what you have seen in the movies, cold showers, coffee and even getting some fresh air have absolutely no affect on getting someone sober.

Another urban legend suggests that eating a large meal before drinking in order to soak up the extra alcohol will keep you sober. You may gain a few extra pounds, but eating a large meal only delays the alcohol being absorbed into a person's system. Also, weight, metabolism and gender of a person can be a determining factor as to how drinking alcohol will affect a person.

There are claims about secret ways for beating a DUI. They are discussed in bars and some people have claimed to have read about them on the Internet or magazines. These claims are all very interesting, sometimes even just plain whacky. It leads us to wonder about how some of these myths got started.

Law enforcement officers use breath-testing instruments in order to determine the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of a person, which is usually measured as mass per volume. The use of mouthwash or breath spray will not defeat a breath test and could actually make the test show a higher amount of alcohol present. Some people think they could use mouthwash that contains alcohol and later claim a faulty BrAC reading in order to avoid DUI charges.

Some people have tried to put money in their mouth, but it does not work. You can clean your mouth, but your breath comes from your lungs, not your mouth. Breath mints have been tried and while minty smells are nice, they do not fool law enforcement officers or their breath testing equipment.

Forget trying raw onion. You will just have bad breath and your eyes will be red. Garlic might keep vampires away, but not law enforcement officers. While there is some evidence that eating a bunch of fresh garlic sometimes gives you lower results in a breath test, law enforcement officers are aware of this trick and will smell the garlic. Unlike vampires, cops are not afraid of garlic. It will not affect the alcohol in your bloodstream.

Of course, if you refuse a breath test you will be in more trouble. Refusal to submit to a breath test may result in stiffer penalties and probably thousands of dollars to the cost of your defense.

Face it, there are a lot of urban legends and myths out there about how to beat a DUI. Almost all of them are based upon false hopes and attempts to avoid problems. Some ideas involve trying to circumvent the law by not cooperating with law enforcement. This is the exact opposite of what you should always be doing anyway.

When you've been drinking, there is only one way to beat a breath test. That is to delay the test until the alcohol wears off before getting behind the wheel. Anything else that anyone tells you is just wrong.

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