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Our DUI attorneys handle DUI cases exclusively, and that is a very good thing

Our Florence DUI attorneys are committed to providing passionate and knowledgable criminal defenses for those charged with driving while intoxicated. We are a DUI law firm, period, and our criminal attorneys work exclusively on DUI cases. Why is this important? Because Arizona has the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation. DUI lawyers in this state face a heavy task in representing their clients and making certain their rights are protected. It takes a strong working knowledge of DUI laws and a wealth of experience to work well in this area, and the criminal lawyers and DWI attorneys of The Law Office of Craig W. Penrod, P.C. are more than up to the task. Though the charges against you may seem overwhelming, it is important to remember at all times that the state has the burden of proof. A skilled lawyer may not be able to get you out of the charges, but he/she may be able to minimize the damage. If you've been charged, do not wait to consult an attorney. Your rights are too important to simply give away.
Residents of Florence needing DUI lawyers for their defense or the defense of a loved one can count on The Law Office of Craig W. Penrod, P.C. Our laser-sharp focus on DUI cases is what keeps our criminal attorneys at the top of their game.

  • Our practice is limited to DUI defenses
  • Mr. Penrod has achieved the highest competency rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the national lawyer rating service
  • We have expertise in challenging blood tests
  • We employ the latest in online research, accident reconstructionists, investigators and criminalists to assist in our defenses
  • Free consultations available

Arizona is the wrong state when it comes to going it alone against DUI charges. A qualified DUI lawyer is a MUST in this state because our laws are strict and unrelenting. A conviction can truly upend your life in a number of ways, and it is absolutely vital that your rights are protected. Our Florence DUI attorneys will work tirelessly to make sure this is the case.

You'll find working with our criminal lawyers to be a breath of fresh air during a chaotic time in your life. Their compassionate approach and expertise in the area of DUI will serve you well as you work toward the best possible outcome in your case. You may contact The Law Office of Craig W. Penrod, P.C. at (480) 753-5888, or online at www.penrodduilaw.com.

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You can depend on our Arizona DUI attorneys and Arizona criminal lawyers if you’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated and/or need a criminal defense. DWI attorneys offer essential legal representation and protect your rights. Make sure you have an Arizona DUI lawyer or Arizona criminal attorney protecting your interests.

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