Legal consequences of overseas DUIs in Arizona

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A lot of things that happen while you are on vacation may stay on vacation. However, an arrest on charges of driving under the influence (DUI) isn't one of them.

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If a person is arrested on charges of DUI in a foreign country, it's possible that they will face legal ramifications both in that foreign country, as well as in the United States. These legal ramifications or consequences of getting a DUI in a foreign country include:

Immigration consequences

For persons visiting the United States from a foreign country, the commission of a crime while in this country can result in deportation. However, non-citizens who commit DUIs in this country likely will not face deportation. The reason is that an average DUI is not considered a crime of violence or an aggravated felony under the Immigration and Nationality Act. While a visa-holder might not get deported for an arrest for DUI, it is possible that the arrest could affect that person's immigration status, especially if they are hoping to obtain U.S. citizenship.

Overseas DUIs could affect future cases

U.S. citizens who are arrested and convicted on DUI charges in a foreign country should understand that these convictions can follow them back to this country. An arrest for a subsequent DUI in this country could result in your overseas DUI being considered by a judge when it comes to your conviction and sentencing. While DUIs in some states can be expunged from your driving record, that may not be the case with foreign DUIs.

You may be barred from entering the country

Visitors with a criminal record may be denied a visa or the legal right to enter a foreign country. For example, a former heavy weight boxing champion was prevented from entering the United Kingdom due to a criminal conviction. The United Kingdom has a track record of denying entry to persons with convictions for an offense that includes a prison term of at least four years.

Canada also has similar immigration laws. If you've been convicted of a crime whether minor or serious, you may not be allowed into the country. This prohibition includes dangerous driving offenses, as well as DUIs. It's possible that if Canadian officials believe a person has been rehabilitated in the aftermath of their crime, they could be granted entry to the country. However, at least five years must have passed since the end of a prison sentence or the day that they committed the crime.

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