State releases holiday DUI numbers

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A statewide crackdown on drunken drivers in the state of Arizona during the holiday season has begun with more than 70 police agencies in the state taking part in the special patrols. The statewide crackdown is scheduled to end on Jan. 1.

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The Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS) has provided several grants to law enforcement agencies throughout Maricopa County and the state of Arizona in order to finance overtime pay for officers participating in these special patrols. Arizona has had a statewide DUI task force in place since 1986. Led by AZGOHS, the task force coordinates and highly publicizes law enforcement efforts across the states, funds DUI enforcement equipment and overtime, and is active in legislative and media advocacy efforts. This coordinated public relations and public information source has resulted in strong media coverage of the DUI issue in Arizona.

Repeat offenders and extreme DUI offenders must pay a $250 DUI Abatement Council fine. The money is used for DUI enforcement and innovative program implementation. These earmarked funds for DUI enforcement and programs generate $600,000–700,000 a year.

The following Arizona DUI statistics are from Nov. 25 through Dec. 12:

  • Total traffic stops--18,561
  • Sober designated drivers contacted--498
  • Total DUI arrests--971
  • DUI aggravated--103
  • DUI misdemeanor--868
  • DUI extreme (0.15-plus)--251
  • DUI arrest with a prior--99
  • Under 21-years-old DUI arrests--49
  • DUI drug arrests--177
  • Average known blood alcohol concentration--0.142
  • Seat belt citations--398
  • Child restraint citations--63
  • Under 21-years-old liquor law citations--88
  • Criminal speed citations--299
  • Aggressive driving citations--24
  • Civil speed citations--2,530
  • Other citations--5,194
  • Participating officers/deputies--2,919

The penalties for DUI in the state of Arizona are severe and in the Internet age, a conviction for DUI will likely torpedo a person's career forever. Do a Google search on a person's name who has a recent DUI conviction. That DUI conviction will likely appear at the top of those search results. The costs and fees imposed on a DUI offender, even a first-time offender, are severe. Their license is suspended, which greatly restricts their ability to get to work or anywhere else. A costly ignition interlock device will likely be installed on their car, at their own expense. Court-mandated community service, participation in costly drunk-driving education programs and at least one day in jail are also part of penalty scenario. Their car insurance rates skyrocket and many colleges will refrain from giving a scholarship to a peson with a DUI conviction.

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