Suspended or Revoked?

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What is the difference between a driver's license suspension and revocation?

A suspension has a specific start and end date; when the suspension period ends, the licensee pays the reinstatement fee and any reapplication fees to restore their driving privilege. Revocations are indefinite; there is a minimum length of time, usually one to three years, but the action does not automatically end on that date. The individual must go through an investigation process to determine whether it would be safe to restore their driving privilege. If approved for reinstatement, there would be reinstatement and reapplication fees.

How can I reinstate a suspension?

This can vary, depending on the reason for the suspension. Court ordered suspensions require a clearance from the court. Other suspensions may require an SR-22. Once any required documentation is obtained, take the documents to your local driver license facility and pay the appropriate reinstatement and reapplication fees. For reinstatement fees, payment may be made by cash, cashier's check or money order. Some offices accept credit cards. Cash and credit card not accepted by mail. No personal checks accepted.If you have met all the requirements to reinstate except for paying the fees, then you may be able to reinstate online.

What do I need to do if I have moved out of state and just now received a suspension notice?

Depending on the violation, you may be eligible for a phone hearing, or may send the necessary reinstatement requirements by mail.

When can I apply for a restricted driving permit?

Provided you meet the necessary requirements, a restricted driving permit can be issued to you either by mail or in any Driver License office. “Necessary requirements” would be when a breath, blood or urine test has been submitted to MVD indicating a blood alcohol level of .08 or more and: it is the first DUI within seven years, and the DUI did not result in serious physical injury, when found guilty of driving without insurance, when otherwise directed by the court, if permitted by law.

How can I reinstate a revocation?

If the license is revoked, you must submit a revocation investigation packet.  The MVD will will then conduct an investigation, which is a process that can take up to 30 days.  If your reinstatement request is approved, you will pay the necessary reinstatement and reapplication fees and your privileges will be restored. If your request is denied you are eligible to request an Administrative Hearing. An investigation packet is not required for reinstatement of medical revocations. For reinstatement fees, payment may be made by cash, cashier's check or money order. Some offices accept credit cards.  If you have met all the requirements to reinstate except for paying the fees, then you may be able to reinstate online.

How do I obtain an Investigation Packet?

The revocation investigation packet is available online.

When am I going to hear about my investigation?

You will receive a written response within approximately 7-10 days from the date the packet was submitted.

How do I schedule a hearing?

Your request must be made in writing to:  Mail Drop 507M, Executive Hearing Office, Motor Vehicle Division, P.O. Box 2100, Phoenix, AZ 85001-2100, and must include your first, middle and last name, date of birth, license number, mailing address, home and business phones, and case number. Upon receipt of your written request, a hearing may be scheduled and you will be notified by mail as to the date, time and location.

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