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Attorney Craig W. Penrod has defended thousands of clients over his legal career and has worked to get the best possible outcome for every person. He is a seasoned advocate for many types of criminal charges who can quickly review your case and give you an honest assessment of the most likely outcome.

A Proven AZ Lawyer For Complex Criminal Cases

Our Tempe office represents clients facing a wide range of charges, including felony DUIs and violent crimes. We are a professional law firm who has an existing relationship with the local courts and Arizona State Attorney General’s office. Our law firm has an extensive knowledge of the opposition and their courtroom strategies.

A Collaborative Attorney Who Puts You In Control

We build a personal relationship with our clients and use a team-based approach to criminal defense. You can choose to play a role in planning your defense and make major decisions about your case. We are a transparent, honest and ethical law firm who wants to give you the most effective defense.

We represent clients charged with many types of crimes, including:

Capable Counsel For DUIs And Vehicular Crimes

Mr. Penrod has a long history of favorable results for DUI and traffic violation charges. He has testified as an expert witness in many cases, including the state of Arizona vs. Meza. In the Meza case, the Arizona Court of Appeals ordered the state to pay the defense’s attorney fees as a result of misconduct by the Phoenix Crime Lab. This was part of litigation that resulted in the suppression of alcohol breath tests in over 1,600 cases in the Phoenix Municipal Court. This one example shows the thorough understanding of the law that Mr. Penrod brings to every case.

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Business executives, doctors, athletes, police officers and their families choose our law firm as their criminal defense representation. You can have Mr. Penrod review your case over the phone for free. Call 480-900-4749 or email our firm to schedule your consultation.