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Restricted Driver Permits

In the state of Arizona, restricted driver permits may be issued only if the suspension of a driver’s license occurred as a result of a violation involving driving under the influence (DUI) or a violation of state-mandated liability insurance laws and if your driving record indicates no other withdrawal action involving driving privileges.

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If your driver license is suspended or revoked as a result of a DUI-related conviction, you may be eligible for a special restricted driver license, which is valid only during the period of suspension or revocation. To obtain the restricted license, you must contact Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) to verify your eligibility, have no other outstanding withdrawal actions pending, install an ignition interlock device (IID) on all vehicles you operate and provide proof of the certified installation of an IID to MVD. Additionally, you must comply with any mandatory alcohol treatment programs, submit proof of completion to MVD, provide proof of future financial responsibility and pay all applicable fees.

Offenders are responsible for any and all costs associated with IIDs, including installation and monitoring. Arizona law requires that IIDs must be calibrated and inspected by the IID provider every 30 days for the first three months and every 90 days thereafter. Offenders who do not comply with the requirement for inspections and calibrations will have their driving privileges suspended until proof of compliance is submitted to MVD. After required inspections, the IID provider will notify MVD that the IID is calibrated and functioning properly. The IID provider is required to report any failures to comply to the court that ordered the IID including any tampering and attempted circumvention.

If you are eligible, a restricted permit will automatically be mailed to your address of record, 22-30 days after the suspension period begins, if you did not request a hearing with MVD. However, a minimum of 30 days of the suspension period must be served before the restricted driving privilege begins. This restricted permit will allow you to operate a motor vehicle that is equipped with a functioning certified IID:

  • Between the person’s place of employment and residence during specified periods of time while at employment.
  • Between the person’s place of residence, the person’s place of employment and the person’s secondary or postsecondary school according to the person’s employment or educational schedule.
  • Between the person’s place of residence and a screening, education or treatment facility for scheduled appointments.
  • Between the person’s place of residence and the office of the person’s probation officer for scheduled appointments.
  • Between the person’s place of residence and the office of a physician or other health care professional.
  • Between the person’s place of residence and a certified ignition interlock device service facility.If the department suspends, revokes, cancels or otherwise rescinds a person’s IID restricted license or privilege for any reason, the department shall not issue a new license or reinstate the IID restricted driver license during the prescribed period of suspension or revocation or while the person is otherwise ineligible to receive a license.

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