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Defensive Driving

If you received a civil traffic moving violation in the state of Arizona, you may be eligible to participate in a defensive driving class in order to have the violation dismissed. Should you choose this option, and are eligible, the violation will not appear on your driving record and no points will be assessed against your driver’s license for the violation.

In Tempe, Phoenix or other communities in Maricopa County, if you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or are issued serious traffic violation citations it is important that you consult experienced Arizona lawyers like those associated with the Law Offices of Craig W. Penrod, P.C.

It should be pointed out that if you have received a photo enforcement “notice of violation” from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) the charges reflected on the citation cannot be dismissed by your attendance at a defensive driving school.

In the state of Arizona, a civil traffic moving violation is defined as a traffic violation that results from the operation or movement of a vehicle, such as speeding, failure to yield, unsafe lane changes, as well as other traffic violations.

Arizona law provides that major violations such as DUI, reckless driving or other criminal violations cannot be mitigated by your attendance at a defensive driving class. Also, citations that are issued to you as a result of a collision between motor vehicles that resulted in seriously injured persons or that killed any person cannot be mitigated by attendance at a defensive driving class.

The citation you receive from a law enforcement officer has a check box by each violation that indicates whether it is a criminal or civil violation. One violation, criminal speeding, is eligible for mitigation by attendance at a defensive driving school if the judge presiding at the court of jurisdiction issues a ruling approving that option. Information on defensive driving eligible violations is normally included with your citation.

Benefits for attending and completing a defensive driving class:

  • No points are assessed to your motor vehicle driving record;
  • Your insurance premium may not increase; and
  • You will learn valuable traffic information, driving techniques and laws.

A defensive driving class is a course in traffic and vehicle safety intended to teach or remind drivers about safe driving attitudes and techniques. Defensive driving schools are private businesses certified by the Arizona Supreme Court that provide these classes for the benefit of the public and the courts. You are allowed to attend for one eligible violation once every 24 months. You must complete the class, including testing, seven days prior to your court date.

The Arizona Supreme Court, through its Administrative Office of the Courts, is the certifying and monitoring agency for defensive driving schools, and administers the Defensive Driving Program for Arizona’s courts. The Administrative Office of the Courts sets standards for schools and classes, and monitors them to ensure a quality program for both the public and the courts.

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